Only Safety Foil in the market with EN 45545-2 Certification. Protects glass surfaces exposed to vandalism and tagging.

  • Trains

  • Trams

  • Subway

  • Busses

  • Advertising boards

We deliver Pre-cut sheets, or rolls.        We digitally store all ordered sizes in our archive, with your item nos.                  1,000 – 5,000 m2 of raw foil in stock

PLYGUARD100 Anti-scratch Clear

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        PLYGUARD100 Anti-scratch Colored

                                                                                                            PLYGUARD100 Anti-graffiti

Protects the surface from scratching and vandalism. The perpetrator thinks he is scratching the glass surface. At the next service, the foil is replaced with a new invisible foil, which gives the glass a new undamaged surface. Provides large savings when avoiding costs for new glass, as well as the labor costs for replacing glass. Also provides good opportunity to implement zero tolerance for scratched glasses in the train set.

Equal characteristics as for Clear, available in 3 different colors. Colored Anti-scratch foil provides sun protection, and prevents fading of the interior.                                    The following colors are offered: BLACK50, BLACK35 and BLACK50.

PLYGUARD100 Clear – Added with Anti-graffiti surface coating.

EN 45545-2 Certifed-3

45545-2 Certification – Contents:       PLYGUARD100 Clear                      PLYGUARD100 Color                  PLYGUARD100 Anti-Graffiti

ISO 5658-2 Spread of flame                  ISO 5660-1 Cone calorimeter                EN ISO 5659-2 Smokebox with FTIR-analysis.

Our partner, Thure Trykk AS, performs cutting and packaging of all foils. Fully automatic cutting boards ensure professional and 100% accurate foils, according to cutting files.                          Huge capacity – apx. 2-3,000 sheets per day.                    Packing according to customer specifications.                          Delivery time: 1-2 weeks from order.

Thure Trykk-2

Competetive – Fixed prices per 100 pcs.                            Prices incl. cutting, packing, and CPD free delivery.  Delivered by arrangement/call. Also available as rolls 1.52 x 30 meters.

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